At FAVETON TERRACOTA we would like to proudly share the news of the certification of our material´s safety features, and more specifically those of our systems, especially after recent events.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, energy efficient, no maintenance, and weather resistant, we have been striving to develop a fire resistant product.

For that reason we have commissioned an evaluation of our system in order to test its fire resistance and behavior under high temperatures generated by domestic fires, and that was realized on a wall sample with FAVETON FVC as a skin following the NFPA 285 standard.

This study, certified by Thomas Bell _ Wright International Consultants (Dubai), includes the determined limits of the size of and temperature of the flames, in order to satisfy the test standard. In short it is a simulation of a domestic fire and the behavior of the system in such conditions; will the system aid in the fire spread or will it aid in blocking it?

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our FAVETON FVC system has passed this meticulous and highly technical test without any issues. And based on this accurate information we can assure that FAVETON offers the end user the best quality of TERRACOTA ventilated façade systems and the safest solutions in different situations.