Faveton ACQUA was designed to be placed in a horizontal as well as vertical position. This flexibility in installation, along with its wavy texture, volume and a set of lights and shadows, makes the façade dynamic and, therefore, breaks the static nature of a traditional flat façade.

These new pieces are compatible with the standard Faveton S.A.H. system, which means that the technical experience acquired with this system is totally applicable to these new pieces.

ISO 10545-2
– Lenght (Extrusion Direction) +/- 1mm
– Height +/- 2mm
– Thickness +/- 10%
– Straigtness (Extruxion Direction) +/- 0,3% of lenght
– Rectangulatity +/- 1% of height
– Surface flatness of diagonal or height +/- 0,5%
Water absortion
ISO 10545-3
< 1% ó 3-6% depending on color
Bending strenght
ISO 10545-4
FVC 15-20N/mm² – FVB 14-18N/mm² depending on color
Linear thermal expansion
ISO 10545-8
Coefficient of expansion 5,7×10-6 (k-1). Test ITC
Resistance to thermal shock
ISO 10545-9
Unalterable up to 145ºC, according to test
Moisture expansion
ISO 10545-10
Mean value <0,1mm/m, Maximum value <0,1mm/m. Test ITC
Frost resistance
ISO 10545-12
Unalterable according to test (100 cycles +5ºC a -5ºC)
Chemical resistance
ISO 10545-13
Only applicable in corrosive conditions. At least G and B class
Stain resistance
ISO 10545-14
At least CLASS 3
Color differences
ISO 10545-16
Δ E< 2