Tile 16 mm thick, reaches 1,200 mm in length. It combines design and lightness, in order to optimize and economize the use of the ceramics in the different types of façade. This piece is especially recommended for renovations.

For the development of a façade with this type of pieces 10 mm horizontal joints and 3 to 5 mm vertical ones are considered. With this piece we can use the S.A.C. Simple ventilated façade systems (aluminium and galvanized), S.A.F. and the non-ventilated strip system.

ISO 10545-2
– Lenght (Extrusion Direction) +/- 1mm
– Height +/- 2mm
– Thickness +/- 10%
– Straigtness (Extruxion Direction) +/- 0,3% of lenght
– Rectangulatity +/- 1% of height
– Surface flatness of diagonal or height +/- 0,5%
Water absortion
ISO 10545-3
< 1% ó 3-6% depending on color
Bending strenght
ISO 10545-4
FVC 15-20N/mm² – FVB 14-18N/mm² depending on color
Linear thermal expansion
ISO 10545-8
Coefficient of expansion 5,7×10-6 (k-1). Test ITC
Resistance to thermal shock
ISO 10545-9
Unalterable up to 145ºC, according to test
Moisture expansion
ISO 10545-10
Mean value <0,1mm/m, Maximum value <0,1mm/m. Test ITC
Frost resistance
ISO 10545-12
Unalterable according to test (100 cycles +5ºC a -5ºC)
Chemical resistance
ISO 10545-13
Only applicable in corrosive conditions. At least G and B class
Stain resistance
ISO 10545-14
At least CLASS 3
Color differences
ISO 10545-16
Δ E< 2