Why choose extruded ceramic for ventilated facades?

Extruded ceramics Advantages of extruded ceramics for Ventilated Facades The main factors you have to consider in the selection of the material for your project are: Quality. High standard quality along with flexible design. Profitability. Price is important, but also fast installation, low maintenance, and durability are as well. Variety in color, format and finishes.  …

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Ricardo Magdalena Award for the construction of the Utebo sports center, Zaragoza

Win the prize for the XL Ricardo Magdalena Trophy ex aequo to the building of the sports complex Las Fuentes, in Utebo made by Joaquín Magrazó and Fernando Used (Ingennus Urban Consulting). Together with him, the Fernando The Catholic Institution (IFC) also awarded the prize to the new office of Arquia Banca in Zaragoza, the work of Jaime and Francisco Javier Magén (Magén Arquitectos).



Faveton celebrates the new acquisition of the ETA certification. Obtaining a validity for our ceramic pieces fixed by stainless steel clips for your use as exterior cladding of ventilated facades.



From Faveton we try to give the tools that make it easier for our clients to access quality information as soon as possible. That is why we have developed a very intuitive new website, and with a lot of improvements and modifications.