With a large experience of more than 50 years in ceramic extrusion, we are considered as pioneer manufacturer in the ventilated facade market, having symbolic projects all around the world.

  •  Innovation, in house engineering and high technology in contemporary architecture
  • Current and custom design
  • Agility in delivery times
  • Large production capacity
  • Quality and professionalism

Experts in ceramic extrusion, Faveton designs and produces its ventilated facade products for diverse applications both in new constructions and in building rehabilitation.

We offer:

  •  Customized products – through Faveton Design
  • Quality
  • Esthetic
  • Efficiency guarantee
  • Optimal site works

Faveton engineering

Faveton has an experienced technical team at your service which analyzes the projects in order to offer you the best global solution.


Ecological ideologies that simplify the construction process and have a direct impact on the building energy saving and reduction of maintenance costs by betting on a sustainable and environmental friendly building .

Easily recyclable

Environmental commitment in FAVETON:

  •  We focus on meeting the environmental objectives through the support and participation of all those involved in their production and distribution operations.
  • We identify the direct and indirect environmental aspects of our activities and ensure appropriate controls to prevent pollution and emission regulation.
  • We try to reduce / minimize gas emissions from all our distribution process.
  • We minimize the consumption of energy, water and the generation of waste as much as possible.
  • The resources used in the production process are as much as possible obtained from recycled / renewable sources and are used efficiently.
  • We try to conserve and / or when possible to improve biodiversity in the area, working in partnership with organizations dedicated to improve the natural environment.
  • We establish objectives and goals annually with which we evaluate performance in relation to the objectives set.

At Faveton we have both human and technical resources that subject our products to strict quality control.

We carry out the quality TEST methods of the different countries according to ISO 10545 regulation.

  •  Dimensional tolerances.
  • Thermal shock
  • Linear thermal expansion
  • Moisture expansion
  • Ice Resistance
  • Hardness and mechanical strength
  • Color and finish
  • Water absorption
  • Durability
  • Resistance to chemical attacks
  • Stain resistance
  • Chemical composition

ETE Nº17/0355 (Europe)

  • Wind force and suction resistance
  • Vertical weight support
  • Impact resistance of hard and soft elements

 CDC (Dubai)  

  • Fire reaction