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With a large experience of more than 50 years in ceramic extrusion, we are considered as pioneer manufacturer in the ventilated facade market, having symbolic projects all around the world.

  •  Innovation, in house engineering and high technology in contemporary architecture
  • Current and custom design
  • Agility in delivery times
  • Large production capacity
  • Quality and professionalism


FAVETON TERRACOTA is a company focused on the production of ceramic adaptable products that can provide a higher level of comfort and habitability. More than 50 years of experience in the ceramic extrusion world together with the interest in manufacturing products for the everyday comfort situates us on a high position in the ventilated façade market. Our innovative industrial production plant located in Muel, Spain is fully equipped with the best technologies that allow an optimal solution to big size projects. FAVETON products are extruded ceramic tiles, characterized by a wide range of formats, colours and finishes that provide the building with a modern and innovative appearance and at the same time preserve the traditional appearance of ceramic products. The use of this material contributes to the improvement of the façade’s technical characteristics. This kind of porcelain-ceramic material increases its mechanical resistance making FAVETON one of the most suitable materials for ventilated façades.

Faveton constantly pursues the opening of new international markets.

Conceived within the world of the extruded ventilated façades, FAVETON designs and produces its ceramic products for both new constructions and rehabilitations, offering quality, aesthetics, guarantee of efficiency and optimal site works.
Also FAVETON expands in the countries with which it usually works, always accompanied by the use of high technology, innovation and its own engineering for every project.

  • Quality
  • Esthetic
  • Efficiency guarantee
  • Optimal site works


FAVETON stands out for being a highly technical ventilated façade system. Our team has developed multiple possibilities creating different substructure systems, that adjust to every product and that adjust to the needs of each project.

Our experience of more than 50 years in the ceramic sector, consolidates us as one of the most recognizable brands which has investigated the most in extruded tiles production, accompanied by a great development in the creation of fixation systems, providing new possibilities and evolving with the architectural needs of the moment.
Each of our new products counts with the supervision of our technical team formed by architects, engineers and qualified technicians. We review each project, from the architect´s point of view and provide the better options for each site or building. Capable of developing new anchoring systems if the complexity of the project requires it.


In FAVETON Colours you will find an expressive range of tones. This wide variety of shades are available in natural, glossy or even Inkjet finishes, which can be combined with almost all of our products, without any alteration of colour in order to create the best 360º building technical envelope.

We highlight our range of reddish and orange tones, representative of both our brand and our location.

Thinking on our future clients we put at your disposal our technical team to create any colour and customize the final product to the project or architectural needs.

The metallic and gritty finishes of our colour chart stand out for their amazing natural sight and feel. The INNOVA colour selection reproduces faithfully all kinds of finishes: Rocks, Woods, Rustic, Slate, Textile, Concrete. These colours are applied over all our flat tiles contributing to build a natural look with the benefits and performance of a ventilated façade. We create INNOVA to reproduce textures exclusively for different projects and clients, always with the advice of our technical team to get the best results.

Our commitment
to the environment

Environmental commitment in FAVETON:
We focus on meeting the environmental objectives through the support and participation of all those involved in their production and distribution operations.
We identify the direct and indirect environmental aspects of our activities and ensure appropriate controls to prevent pollution and emission regulation.
We try to reduce / minimize gas emissions from all our production process.
We minimize the consumption of energy, water and the generation of waste as much as possible.
The resources used in the production process are as much as possible obtained from recycled / renewable sources and are used efficiently.
We try to conserve and when possible to improve biodiversity in the area, working in partnership with organizations dedicated to improve the natural environment.
We establish objectives and goals annually with which we evaluate performance in relation to the objectives set.


FAVETON has the human and technical resources to subject our products to strict quality control.

We carry out the quality TEST methods of the different countries according to ISO 10545 regulation.

  •  Dimensional tolerances.
  • Thermal shock
  • Linear thermal expansion
  • Moisture expansion
  • Ice Resistance
  • Hardness and mechanical strength
  • Color and finish
  • Water absorption
  • Durability
  • Resistance to chemical attacks
  • Stain resistance
  • Chemical composition



Energetic costs reduction
Thermal and acoustic comfort
Thermal isolation
Humidity: condensing and rain
Waterproof building
Passive ventilation
Double wall

Direct application
No generation of debris
Piece by piece replaceable system
Hidden conductions
Hidden cracks and crevices

High mechanical resistance
Frost resistant
Time resistant
Self-cleaning with rainwater
Water pressure cleaning
No maintenance costs
100% recyclable material
Slab heights
Highly Customization
Ability to be easily customised
Desings made-to-measure