Visual strength with high performance

Extruded tile with symmetrical joint design that allows flexibility in installation. Together with the possibility of wavy and flat exterior finishes, it generates volume along with contrast of lights and shadows that energize the FAÇADE and, therefore, breaks the static character of a conventional flat front.


Standard heights: 200-250-300-400-500mm
Maximum length: 1500mm
Weight: 32 kgs / m2
Thickness: 20mm
Standard joints: 10mm horizontal and vertical

Range of colours and finishes

Anchorage systems




ISO 10545-2

- Length (extrusion direction) +/- 1mm
- Height +/- 2mm
- Thickness +/- 10%
- Straightness (extrusion direction) +/- 0.3% of the length
- Orthogonality +/- 1% of height
- Surface flatness of the diagonal or height +/- 0.5%

Water absorption

ISO 10545-3

< 1% ó 3-6% according to colour

Flexural strength

ISO 10545-4

FVC 15-20N/mm² – FVB 14-18N/mm² according to colour

Linear thermal expansion

ISO 10545-8
Expansion coefficient 5.7 × 10-6 (k-1). ITC test.
Heat shock resistance
ISO 10545-9
According to test up to 145 ° C unchanged
Moisture expansion
ISO 10545-10

Average value <0.1mm / m, maximum value <0.1mm / m. ITC test

Frost resistance
ISO 10545-12

Unalterable according to test (100 cycles + 5ºC to -5ºC)

Chemical resistance
ISO 10545-13
It only applies under corrosive conditions. Minimum class G and B
Stain resistance
ISO 10545-14
Minimum CLASS 3
Colour differences
ISO 10545-16

Δ E< 2

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