From Faveton we try to give the tools that make it easier for our clients to access quality information as soon as possible. That is why we have developed a very intuitive new website, and with a lot of improvements and modifications.

From the incorporation of new products and their visual improvement, through a wide range of colors and their anchoring systems, to the incorporation of a custom configurator, were to visualize the different finishes and ceramic panels, both individually and integrated into a model 3D.  

What does the new Faveton website offer?

Another novelty, which deserves a great mention is the Faveton Design section, where each individual can very easily and intuitively create their ceramic plate model, to take the customization of the projects to unknown limits. 

Finally, we would like to highlight the availability of catalogs, color patterns, and construction details about our ventilated facade systems. These are fully available to the visitor, to be downloaded, which will facilitate our future relationship. We look forward to your visits, thank you very much.

Thank you for your visits.


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