Ricardo Magdalena Award for the construction of the Utebo sports center, Zaragoza

Win the prize for the XL Ricardo Magdalena Trophy ex aequo to the building of the sports complex Las Fuentes, in Utebo made by Joaquín Magrazó and Fernando Used (Ingennus Urban Consulting). Together with him, the Fernando The Catholic Institution (IFC) also awarded the prize to the new office of Arquia Banca in Zaragoza, the work of Jaime and Francisco Javier Magén (Magén Arquitectos).

33 architectural projects were enter to the contest.

The jury chaired by Carlos Forcadell and formed by Javier Peña, Ángel Muñoz, José Laborda and Alberto Casado highlighted “the sports complex Las Fuentes, in Utebo, resolves well the implementation in the environment, improves access to the complex and provides a viable architectural solution “.

The project, which began in 2011 and was completed in 2018, includes the remodeling of sports facilities to join the old but renovated pavilion of the 60s with a new building built.


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