Construction solutions with integral aesthetics

Range of products that give a more complete and technical finish
to the installation of ventilated FAÇADEs.
They cover the basic needs of project modulation and adapt to any architectural design.


  • Maximum length: 1500mm

Range of colours and finishes




ISO 10545-2

- Length (direction of extrusion) +/- 1mm
- Height +/- 2mm
- Expenditure +/- 10%
- Rectitude (direction of extrusion) +/- 0.3% of length
- Orthogonality +/- 1% of height
- Planitude surface of diagonal or height +/- 0.5%

Water absorption

ISO 10545-3

<1% ó 3-6% according to colour

Resistance to flexion

ISO 10545-4

FVC 15-20N / mm² - FVB 14-18N / mm² according to colour

Linear thermal expansion

ISO 10545-8
Coefficient of expansion 5,7 × 10-6 (k-1). ITC Test.
Thermal shock resistance
ISO 10545-9
According to the untouchable 145ºC
Expansion by Humidity
ISO 10545-10

Mean value <0.1mm / m, maximum value <0.1mm / m. ITC Test.

Helical resistance
ISO 10545-12

Unalterable according to test (100 cycles + 5ºC to -5ºC)

Chemical resistance
ISO 10545-13
Only applies in corrosive conditions. Minimum class G and B
Smudge Resistance
ISO 10545-14
Minimum CLASS 3
Colour Differences
ISO 10545-16

Δ E< 2

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