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FAVETON is synonymous with quality, we offer two types of high performance ceramic materials in our façade pieces for an optimal cladding depending on the needs of each project.

Both materials are applied to our façade elements and solutions.

Extruded tile available in two thicknesses (20 and 28 mm) with an overlapping joint design, preventing the direct entry of water into the chamber and improving the technical performance of the building.

Extruded tile with symmetrical joint design that allows flexibility in installation. Together with the possibility of wavy an flat exterior finishes, it generates volume along with contrast of lights and shadows that energizes the facade and, therefore, breaks the static character of a conventional flat front.

The Louvers allow to maintain the aesthetic continuity of ceramic tiles in glazed areas, reducing insolation and allowing the increase of visual privacy for the said areas. Also, they allow a more intelligent use of light and therefore favors sustainability and energy saving criteria.

Without forgetting our roots and knowing our origin, our land historically influenced by Mudejar architecture and great ceramic tradition we could not forget the culture and aesthetics of brick facades.
Brick tile offers a new system of ventilated facades with brick external design.

Elar Extruded ceramic plate, flexible in its installation and with a great possibility of finishes and colors. It is presented as a product, both for a smooth and a roof tile texture, creating a rhythm of lights and shades, which energize the final aspect of the project.

Range of products that give a more complete and technical finish to the installation of ventilated facades. They cover the basic needs of project modulation and adapt to any architectural design.


FAVETON has an I+D division capable of creating customised colours, textures and special enamels for projects.


Intelligence, aesthetics and quality products are the ingredients that make FAVETON a benchmark in ventilated façade ceramic cladding.

Conceived within the world of the extruded ventilated façades, Faveton designs and produces its ceramic products for both new constructions and rehabilitations, offering quality, aesthetics, guarantee of efficiency and optimal site works.

Also FAVETON expands in the countries with which it usually works, always accompanied by the use of high technology, innovation and its own engineering in all its projects.


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