tendencia en la fachada ventilada

Ventilated Facades Trends in modern architecture

Trendy Nordic style

Architecture in the ventilated facades market is in a continuous evolution, emerging great changes and innovations in terms of colors, finishes, designs and formats. In addition, there is great value in those materials that are easy to install, and have great durability in the environment, being resistant to possible damage and therefore sustainable.

In this case, the extruded ceramic meets these characteristics, becoming a good choice for the coating of buildings, and in turn collaborate with a sustainable building, and efficiency in their processes.

The natural and white colours are Ventilated Facades Trends

Both in facades, as in interior decoration of houses, natural shades such as gray, white and earth colors predominate. As for finishes, there is preference in wood and stone, using nature as a decorative resource in the Nordic style. With which you can play in contrast with other darker wooden colors and even other materials. In addition, the selection of white predominates in the search for light in the spaces, combining white wood both for facade and for floor, coinciding in open spaces.

In this aspect, Faveton has a great variety of wooden effects with the WD models, including natural colors, from the lightest to the darkest.

In addition, we provide a wide variety of earth colors in our rustic RT finishes. Last but not least, we continue to invest in expanding the RK stone effects, which can be combined with other finishes for ventilated facades.

As a novelty, we show you at the end of the article the new slate effects, together with the rest of colors and more natural and realistic finishes, thanks to the new 3D digital printing.

Modern design is all around us

Modern architecture is giving us authentic jewels that break with the traditional designs thanks to its cubic forms playing with unevenness and combining different perspectives.

First of all, we have to take into account the processes we go through, contributing to sustainable building.

Second, the type of product that allows us to play with the shapes that are designed on the specific scenery.

Finally, choosing from a wide variety of colors and finishes, will help us to have the desired result.

All this plays an indispensable role to achieve a balance from the beginning to the end of the project, with values and results in accordance with the people and our environment.

In addition, setting the outside of your home with some light lamps is interesting to obtain different textures and emotions, playing with the lighting.

A very good example of the type of architecture with these dynamic forms is Todd Saunders, who as he says, “architecture should play an important role in the creation of the place, using the form, materials and texture to help evoke and shape the memory and human interaction“.

Sustainable building

In Europe, we are in the period of transformation from a linear to a circular economy, promoting sustainable growth by adapting the current economy to green growth and increasing our competitiveness.

In conclusion, one of the most important factors in our construction and housing sector is the process of use, reuse and exploitation of resources, since the accumulation of resources increases pollution.

New Reality in Housing

Today, with the new reality to which we are adapting, due to the effects derived from the COVID-19, experts in architecture, urbanism and psychology, confirm that the decoration and appearance of the home has a great influence on the emotional well-being of people.

Therefore, we can say that there are new goals in the minds of the most current designers and architects, in order to contribute to people’s happiness in this crucial moment, in which we need so much to find ourselves well day by day in order to satisfactorily overcome all the fronts we have open.

Therefore, it is not a bad idea to look at the northern and central regions of Europe, since, in addition to the fact that the Nordic style sets the trend for ventilated facades, this population is used to spending a lot of time in their homes, so it is essential to find a pleasant interior and exterior environment for the coexistence of family and friends.

For this reason, they decorate their minimalist homes with traditional materials. However, it merges with an avant-garde design, resulting in the fusion of modern design with the traditional.

efectos madera

Customize your facade and contribute to energy savings

In addition to all of the above, today we must not forget the ecological trend, with which we contribute through R+D+i, going through production, the implementation and use of resources, according to the concept known as Circular Economy, a concept summarized at the end of this article.

Regarding the decoration of homes, we must all contribute to sustainable building, seeking the satisfaction of each of us, choosing materials that allow this use and a reduction in the use of natural resources.

Likewise, in FAVETON we constantly invest in innovation. It is one of our main values, which allows us to offer you a wide variety of ceramic materials, as well as the most demanded textures, colors and finishes in the sector of facade coating, attending to the trend in ventilated facades.

Therefore, we produce efficiently because we use resources, materials and products in a responsible way, thus optimizing the processes of our value chain.

In addition, our variety is adapted to the different products we have, in each and every one of their formats, which guarantees customer satisfaction, having a wide range of choice in the style of the desired facade.

Therefore, send us your plan and request information in our Faveton Design section and show off your home in accordance with your lifestyle.

Economía circular


  • Whites: WD02, WD11, WD12
  • Naturals: WD01, WD06, WD13
  • Darks: WD03, WD04, WD05, WD07
  • Greys: WD08, WD14, WD15


  • Whites: SE01
  • Naturals: SE02
  • Blacks: SE03


  • Whites: RK04, RK07, RK09
  • Creams: RK03, RK10, RK11
  • Browns: RK05, RK051, RK052, RK053
  • Greys: RK00, RK01, RK02, RK08


  • White Stones: RT08
  • Red Stones: RT01, RT02, RT03
  • Black Stones: RT04, RT05, RT06, RT07


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